How to make your mascot costume cool

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High-performance mascots are real fun. When you want to grab the attention of others then nothing comes at par with mascot costumes. These are always best at delivering that transcendent fun. It is a general belief that these help you in releasing your real inner self, and it makes you take it to the max.

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It has become quite a trend watching giant mascots everywhere at your most favorite events. However, during summer it often becomes a big problem when you wear a mascot costume(especially costumes made of heavy fur)
But let’s face it, these are likely to generate more sweat on your body no matter what. For ensuring hygiene, there are several steps that could be taken into consideration for improving your mascot’s coolness and comfort levels. Following are some of the few things that can be kept in mind to help it in getting along.

Exhaust Fan: An Unthinkable Addition

Try selecting a mascot with an exhaust fan. Yes, you heard it right, an exhaust fan. It helps in expelling hot stale air from the head for cooling your mascot. Moreover, there are also other kinds of ventilation fans that blow the air inward, for blowing out the hot air in the head.

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Feel Free to Fly with Light Fabrics

Make sure you mascot is wearing light t-shirts and shorts(incorporation in key areas of fabrics like cotton that would help in wicking away sweat in an efficient manner )

Courtesy Air Exposure: Keeps you Fresh

Courtesy air exposure in your mascot would be highly beneficial as it would allow ventilation within the key areas of the body. It is worth a shot, as furry mascots tend to become real hot in summer.

Let’s Terminate the Sweat: Absorbent Sweat Bands

Along with that the attachment of Absorbent sweat bands to the structure of the head of the mascot could help in deterring heat and sweat.

Do not forget about cooling vest system

A cooling vest system can keep your mascot cool up to the period of eight hours (depending on the condition of weather). Some of the systems incorporated in mascot these days tend to employ the use of gel packs(at a safe temperature of lower than fourteen degrees). However, a drawback with this is that it adds more weight to your costume making it a bit heavier to carry.

Take breaks between those spurts

Taking breaks in between your performances should be considered. Between active spurts try having a 5-minute break every twenty-thirty minutes.

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